fantasy sports

CricStox uniquely combines the thrill of cricket with the strategic depth of stock trading. designed by zazzy for simplicity and engagement, it's the ultimate platform for cricket fans to play, earn, and immerse in a risk-efficient fantasy trading environment.






UX, UI , design system




CricStox innovates fantasy cricket by integrating stock market dynamics, offering fans a new way to engage with the sport. users trade shares of their favorite cricketers, blending the excitement of matches with strategic investment. its user-friendly design ensures accessibility for all, making it the go-to app for cricket lovers looking to deepen their connection to the game. CricStox isn't just playing; it's investing in your passion.

our role

zazzy revitalized cricstox with a user-first design approach, enhancing engagement and trust. focusing on intuitive navigation and seamless trading, we aimed to integrate the app into users' daily routines, ensuring a compelling experience for both seasoned traders and newcomers.

challenges: major to massive

navigation flow

designing an intuitive navigation system that allows users to easily switch between matches, player, stats & profile.

onboarding process

designing an effective onboarding process that improves conversion rate and reduces bounce rate.


striking the balance between providing comprehensive sports data and maintaining a simple, uncluttered user interface.

data visualisation

Effectively presenting real-time match data and statistics in a clear and engaging manner.

UX resarch

information architecture

our deep dive into CricStox's existing setup led to crafting a refined information architecture, crucial for embedding advanced features without compromising on user ease. this foundation ensured a fluid, intuitive journey across the app, elevating the core user experience.

wireframes to UI

leveraging insights from user behavior and feedback, we began CricStox's design transformation with foundational wireframes, prioritising essential app functionalities. our intent-driven, contextual design iterations refined the wireframes into an intuitive, engaging UI.

final notes

through simple and effective designs, zazzy elevated CricStox, crafting an intuitive, user-friendly platform that not only attracts but retains cricket enthusiasts. our focus on seamless navigation, simplifying data visualisation, providing transparency in trading and user engagement has set a new standard in fantasy sports apps, showcasing our commitment to excellence and user satisfaction.

next work