Building highly effective landing pages that bring value to business

Jay Mistry
April 25, 2024

Have you ever landed on a webpage and felt an immediate urge to take action? That's not by accident; it's by design.

Here's a deep dive into the alchemy of landing pages that don't just attract clicks - they convert. We're talking about the pages that meet KPIs head-on and make your CFO give you a high-five. So, stick around if you're tired of 'pretty' pages that don't deliver. We're about to break down the elements of transforming a landing page from a digital brochure into a high-performing conversion machine.

For example, look at this first fold of a landing page - Beautiful, isn't it? Value proportion is precise, CTA is highlighted, and images are appealing! What could go wrong here? Let me explain.

Landing page design

A lot is going on, and too many CTAs. Some of them are even repeated more than once. It's a classic case of Wrongful Delegation. As a product expert, it's your job to make things easy for your users. If you're unsure about what can trigger them, do not delegate the daunting task to your audience, decreasing the chances they will act.

In addition, there are so many uncertainties. 

  1. The main heading is teacher-centric, and the bottom-right notification is student-centric. There is no targeted content on this page.
  2. Some CTA suggests a call, and some CTA tells them to Sign up. There needs to be a clear direction for onboarding.
  3. Creatives are overpowering the actions and taking all attention - resulting in low conversion and more distraction.
  4. Typography is all over the place. There are too many fonts, sizes and weights. Line heights are not optimised for easy reading (Check the description above the "Book a Call" button)
When you want people to take action, you must ensure the cognitive load is as low as possible. And good typography helps people perform better on cognitive tasks.

This landing page is certainly not the best fit for better conversion. There are many ways to improve this. Here's the transformation of the same landing page by using Psychology.

Updated landing page

  1. As you can see, we reduced the number of CTAs to focus on one main action.
  2. We played with colours for images and the notification bar so the primary CTA is highlighted. 
  3. Offer in a notification bar is more appealing and straightforward. It improves the click-through rate and generates more leads for the call.
  4. The entire text is single persona-centric, making the direction very clear.
  5. Finally, we have cleaned up the fonts to create a more robust visual hierarchy and give purpose to this screen.

In the digital landscape, your landing page is more than just a welcome mat - it's your first sales pitch, initial handshake, and opening argument all rolled into one. As we've seen today, the devil is in the details. From CTAs to typography, every element plays a crucial role in driving conversions and meeting business goals.

But hey, if you're still scratching your head over your landing page design, don't sweat it. I'm offering a 30-minute free consultation session where we can deep-dive into your design challenges. Just click here to book a slot, or shoot me a DM on LinkedIn if you've got questions. Let's turn those 'pretty' pages into high-performing assets, shall we?

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